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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Customer of the Month

We are pleased to announce our Customer of the Month is Project Run For!

Project Run For is a start-up health care non-profit organization that addresses mental and physical health through developmental programs for adolescents and emerging adults. Created out of an expansion that started as OneDown Project based out of Tanzania, which in turn grew into an international effort. Their vision is for youth to be equipped with the right tools to tackle their health on all fronts. They are constantly involved in various projects to help improve the lives of others.

KandidKaveena has the pleasure of working with the board of Project Run For to build their website. Project Run For's website will be launching shortly upon completion, where everyone can get involved with what they're doing, donate, and see how they are aiding the community one project, "Run For," at a time.

KandidKaveena One Year Anniversary

Today marks KandidKaveena's One Year Anniversary! We would not be here without all our clients and supporters working and helping us within the past year. We started up in the middle of a pandemic and have only been growing stronger since. We hope to grow even bigger and be able to help more clients as time goes on.

As a thank you, we are launching a Merch store on our website!

Click Here to view all of our merch!

Special Announcement

2021 Summer Business Internship Program with KandidKaveena is officially launching July 12th - July 23rd, a two week internship program where high school students

will be able to learn the ins and outs of running and business, business etiquette, and more.

Be sure to share this with your friends and family! Be on the lookout for next month's issue!

The KandidKaveena Team

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