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Having to write, edit or proofread your work can be taxing on an individual and unfortunate mistakes can be made. KandidKaveena wants to make any writing, editing, or proofreading process simple and easy for you, let us do the work so you can focus on other things. Yes, you can do it yourself but is it worth the stress?

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Services Offered

Website Bios

Writing about ones self at times can often be difficult. Let us help you brag about yourself in the best way possible.


Have a novel or a book you're working on? KandidKaveena can help you through the tedious process of editing and catering to your imagery.


Looking over what you've written after so many drafts can make you crossed eyed and your brain tired. We are here to give your brain a break.

Intellectual Property

Do you need advice on how to legally have control over your intellectual property? Book a consultation with us and we can guide you accordingly.

College Essays

As a student, you're given countless essays and it can be tiring reading it over and over. We are here to guide you and make your essays the best yet.

and more.

book a consultation

  • 45 min

    25 US dollars
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